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aTyr Pharma is engaged in the discovery and development of innovative medicines using its knowledge of newly discovered pathways in immunology effected by extracellular tRNA synthetases. To date, aTyr has generated three innovative and unique development programs based on its knowledge of extracellular histidyl-tRNA synthetase (HARS), known as the Resokine pathway. aTyr’s two clinical-stage programs, ATYR1940 (Resolaris) and ATYR1923 (iMod.Fc), are agonists of the Resokine pathway designed to temper immune engagement in diseases characterized by excessive immune cell involvement in muscle and lung. aTyr’s third program, ORCA, represents a pre-clinical research program that targets a novel, proprietary immuno-oncology pathway using antibodies to enhance the immune response in tumor settings. aTyr has built an intellectual property estate, to protect its pipeline, comprising over 220 issued patents or allowed patent applications that are owned or exclusively licensed, including over 300 potential protein compositions derived from tRNA synthetase genes. 

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